Sunday, December 18, 2011

Staroba Masters 2011 : The Inter-House Champion

Staroba Masters 2011 : Overall Winners

No. 5 : Mazlan Salleh handicap 20 nett 71
No.4 Ahmad Khalid handicap 14 nett 71
No 3. Azharuddin Akasah handicap 10 nett 71
No 2. Zulkifli Ibrahim handicap 15 nett 68
Staroba masters 2011 Champion
Mohd Fakhrunnasri Ismail
handicap 20 nett 61

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Staroba Masters 2011 : The Medal A Winners

3rd placing: Mohd Roslan Chik handicap 12 nett 73
2nd placing : Sharifuddin Othman handicap 19 nett 72
1st placing : Afandi Yahya handicap 8 nett 72

The Staroba Masters 2011 : The Medal B Winners

3rd placing : Jalil Khalid handicap 23 nett 73
2nd placing : Norahim MD handicap 20 nett 73
1st placing : Sufian Hamzah handicap 22 nett 71

The Staroba Masters 2011 : The Guest Category Winners

3rd placing : Mohd Rafiza Rais handicap 12 nett 70
2nd placing : Sabtu Jalil handicap 16 nett 69
1st placing : Khairul Azmi handicap 18 nett 66

Staroba Masters 2011 : The Novelty Prize Winners

nearest to pin hole 8 : Mohd Fakhrunasri..( 2.3 metres)
nearest to pin hole 12 :Sabtu Jalil ( 3 metres)
nearest to line hole 4 : Ahmad Khalid ( 0.55 metre)
nearest to line hole 11 : Hamid Shafie ( 9 cm)

Staroba Masters 2011: The Order of Merit Winners

3rd place ; Azharuddin Akasah
2nd place : Mohd Khairunnasri
1st place : Salehudin Hisham

Staroba Masters 2011 : Pakdokter's Match against Shahidan and Hamid Shafie

Pakdokter and fellow batch-mate, AK @ Ahmad Khalid, had been regular partners in the monthly medals of the Staroba events and had regularly played against Shahidan and Hamid Shafie who were one year junior to us in school. In 2011 - we had lost thrice to this pair and pakdokter had arranged this final showdown against them at the Staroba Masters 2011.
Shahidan came with two drivers in his bag - one for a 'draw' strike and the other for a 'slice'? hit. And his partner, Hamid Shafie, pakdokter learnt had gone to the driving range for the previous one-week - to ensure that their unbeaten run would not be blemished.
What they did not count was the fact that AK had regained his 'form' and was playing at his best. This was evident as our partnership at the RSGC has been beating younger pairs week after week in the recent month.
And AK did not disappoint. He chipped in to the hole several times to take the hole away from our opponents despite giving strokes to both Shahidan and Hamid. We took the 1st Nine and our opponent doubled up for the 2nd only to lose again to an 'in-form' AK. Pakdokter was a 'happy passenger'......
Shahidan with his 2 drivers in the bag....
year-long rivalry....
Shahidan,pakdokter, AK and Hamid Shafie..
Shahidan at the par-3 hole 3....
AK birdied with a chip from outside.....
Hamid's week-long practise at the driving range definitely showed
in his long drives....
Hamid paying his dues to pakdokter....
and Shahidan paying to AK......
but the 'victory' was sweet and invaluable.....

The Staroba Masters 2011 : The Staroba69 Contingent

The Staroba Masters 2011 was held at the Sri Selangor Golf Course on Saturday 17th December. As in previous years, pakdokter rounded up the golfers amongst pakdokter's batch-mates to take part in this annual event. This year pakdokter managed to get 10 of them to come to the event - the notable new guys were Md Noor Ismail who just retired after years of working in Muscat, Oman and Jalil Khalid - who joined pakdokter's batch in Sixth Form and who has recently retired from the government service.
Hamid Shafie, Jalil Khalid, Harmain, Sufian Hamzah,
Baharom Othman, Ahmad Khalid and Md Nor Ismail

Md Nor Ismail, Syed Abdullah, Hamid Shafie, Harmain
Ahmad Khalid, Md Nor Ismail, Mohd Rom Ismail, Syed Abdullah
Mohd Nor Ismail, Mohd Rom, Syed Abdullah, pakdokter,
Hamid Shafie , Harmain...

The Cyberjaya Charity Golf at Kota Kemuning

Pakdokter was invited to play in the Cyberjaya Charity Golf which was played at the Kota Kemuning Golf Course in Shah Alam. Pakdokter's regular golf buddies from RSGC - the 'Tengku Brothers' - Muzaffar and Azman - played in pakdokter's flight together with a fellow Staroban - Zulkifli Yahya. We decided to play a partnership game between the Staroban pair against the 'Tengkus' pair.
Zulkifli saved the day for pakdokter with his consistent game and we managed to beat the Tengkus by a whisker. However none of us made it to the winning list.
pakdokter, Tg Muzaffar, Zulkifli Yahya and Tg Azman....

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ReUnion with Dolly

Dolly, one of pakdokter's partner's cousin, is a batik expert who lives in Cambridge, United Kingdom. She conducts classes and workshops in batik printing in the English university town. She is a world recognised authority in 'batik' and has made regular appearences at the KL International Batik Festival - and she was again invited to this year's event which was held this month.
Pakdokter and partner took her out for dinner at the Top Hat Restaurant in Jalan Stonor - and we invited one of our old friend - Eddie Yap - who is a well-known Malaysian batik designer - who has had his works exhibited at the Petronas Gallery. Eddie is a regular judge in the batik competition at the KL Batik Festival.
Eddie Yap , pakdokter, Dolly and pakdokter's partner...