Sunday, January 25, 2015

Happy Birthday, Raena and Mia

19th January 2015

Pakdokter's daughter, Raena, celebrated her birthday on the 19th. Her best friend,Mia, also celebrated her birthday in January. So they both arranged this little birthday dinner at La Mexicana in Ampang.



 salmon cerviche



A Night Out at the Happy Puppy Karaoke in Bogor

15th January 2015

On our final night we checked out the Happy Puppy Karaoke in Bogor and spent about 2 hours there singing songs tha we could manage.

We returned to R Hotel for a night cap and to listen to music and songs by another set of jazz musicians for the night.

A Day at the Bogor Raya Golf Course

15th January 2015

We played our 7th consecutive golf game on Thursday morning at the Bogor Raya GC. There was a golf competition that morning - so we were made to tee off from the 1oth hole. pakKenji was thoroughly impressed by all the three golf courses introduced to him in this first ever Tour of Jakarta?Bogor for him.

We had lunch at the Bogor Raya GC and pakKenji was introduced to the club's Nasi Timbel Komplit - a rice dish with an array of local dishes to accompany the rice.

For dessert we ordered a bunch of mangosteens which happened to be in season as the durian.

nasi timbel komplit

Late Evening at the R Hotel

14th January 2015

Scenes from my balcony late evening.

A Game at the Rancamaya Golf Course

 14th January 2014

After a hearty breakfast we were sent to the nearby Rancamaya GC  for a round of golf there. As it was early there were not many people yet and we were able to play a leisurely golf while enjoying the fantastic scenery of the surroundings. The caddies at the course were sweet and friendly. Thomas was challenged to try get a birdie on the promise that his caddy will give him a kiss! And true to his form he finally managed to score a birdie at one of the holes and was duly rewarded.

Early Morning View from my Balcony at R Hotel

14th January 2014

As we had arrived and checked in at the R Hotel late on Tuesday evening and it was already dark, we did not quite realise what our surroundings were like. Pakdokter woke up to a bright sunny morning and was surprised by a picturesque vista from pakdokter's balcony.

The Mount Salak - a volcanic mountain in the Sukabumi district was clearly seen with any clouds obstructing its view. Below was the hotel's swimming pool and nearby the Rancamaya Golf Club

Dinner and Entertainment at the Lounge of the R Hotel at Rancamaya

13th January 2015

We checked in at the R Hotel in the Rancamaya Estates late Tuesday evening after our game at the Sentul Highlands on the way from Jakarta to Bogor. R Hotel is a luxurious 5-star hotel newly opened not more than a year ago. Big spacious rooms with 2 queen-sized beds. A large swimming pool and within walking distance to the Rancamaya Golf Club.

We came down to the Lounge of the hotel, ordered our dinner and drinks and were entetained by a group of young musicians who played jazz and pop tunes.