Friday, January 23, 2015

Practise Round at the New Kuta GC Bali (2)

We played from Hole 12 at the New Kuta GC Bali and by the time we finished the 18th Hole there was still enough light for us to continue play. As there were people teeing off at Hole No 1 we were directed to Hole 10 thus enabling us to play all the holes of the 2nd Nine of the New Kuta GC.

It was a windy afternoon which made it quite a challenge to play this course. However the secnery made up for the poor game most of us played that afternoon. 

 a village along the coast could be seen from hole 14th?

 statue of a golfer in Balinese sarong at one of the holes

 the New Kuta clubhouse from Hole 18

 from the tee of Hole 10

at the 19th hole 

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