Thursday, January 1, 2015

December 2014 - Another 80th Birthday Party

One of pakdokter's teacher at STAR ( Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman) in Ipoh was given a big 80th Birthday Party by his nephews and neices, Mr Lau Hut Yee was pakdokter's science teacher in the secondary school as well as a warden at one of the school's hostel block ( Yellow House). Mr Lau taught at the school for nearly 34 years. He is a legend, a dedicated conscientous teacher who was firm and strict yet caring and loving. Most students from the school are very fond of him and  called him Pak Lau - an endearing name that suggests that most of them looked up to him as a loving fatherly figure apart from just being a teacher.

Mr Lau grew up in Taiping to a poor family. He was a good student and was the 'Scholar' of the school ( King Edward V11 of Taiping) and won one of the school's scholarship to further his studies. Being the eldest, he chose the shortest course of studies that would have enabled him to start work as quickly as possible and earn a living in order to support his siblings and later his nephews and neices.He went to Kirkby in England and returned as a teacher two years after.

Many of his nephews and neices have become successful professionals working in Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong etc. His sacrifice had helped make a success of his younger relatives. They had shown their gratitude and appreciation by organising this surprise birthday party.

Mr Lau's family was kind enough to invite a huge number of his students to this birthday party which was organised without his knowledge. Students from STAR felt like we were part of Mr Lau's family.

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