Saturday, May 17, 2008

My first eagle......

After eight years or so of playing golf, I finally achieved my first 'eagle' score today ! I played in my club's monthly medal competition with three other golfers whose handicaps were 10, 19 and 22 respectively. I was playing poorly scoring a lot of double pars and triple bogies until we reached the par 4 hole 17. It was a short par 4 and my drive sent the ball to about 125 yards to the pin. I picked my 7-iron club and after one practice swing, sent the ball high up over the front bunker to drop on the front apron from where it rolled into the mid-position hole.

This achievement certainly deserves a mention in this blog.

The Sports Manager of the club who went through the score cards of the competitors came to congratulate and ( in the club's tradition) tell me that all the sports officials who were on duty were ordering drinks on my account.

I was more than happy to buy them all a round of drinks.

Now for a hole-in-one!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A golfing and blogging

I used to think what a silly game golf is until I took it up some eight years ago. It very quickly became an obsession. The game grows on you. Every time you hit a good shot, you forget all the previous horrible strokes and crave to come back again soonest possible as you feel confident you will do better. It is almost like an addiction.

I also love to travel. Golf has given me another reason to travel. The serene beauty of many different golf courses make up for the terrible game you played on those days.

I mostly played alone at the very beginning. Playing with others was too intimidating. Later when I became more reassured with my game, I discovered the joy of golf camaraderie.

I enjoy reading and in the deepest of my heart I also aspire to write. I see my children, their friends and more and more people 'blog' these days. Why don't I?