Monday, June 3, 2013

Walking up to the Rock of Monaco - the Old Town of Monaco

1st June 2013
The Rock of Monaco is where the old town is and where the Royal palace, the Cathedral and the Musee Oceanographique are located. To reach the top one needs to walk a steep lane but benefited from the commanding view of the city below.

The Marche de la Condamine

1st June 2013
At the foot of the Rock of Monaco - we came across this new market square and decided to check it outl It was past 2 pm and many of the stalls have closed. We found a stall offering home-made pasta and another serving coffees. We decided to have a light lunch sharing a plate of raviolis downed with beer and coffee. The drinks and meals here a lot cheaper than at the hotel and restaurants - a cup of cappuccino is 2 Euros instead of 6 Euros at the restaurants and a plate of pasta only 8.5 Euros instead of 30 Euros at the hotel or restaurant.

Princess Caroline Avenue

1st June 2013
Perpendicular to the Grimaldi Avenue and sloping down towards the seafront is the Princess Caroline Avenue - a street lined by cafes, boutiques and other types of shops which were again closed for the siesta. However the buildings were interesting object for photography

The Grimaldi Avenue

1st June 2013
We had to walk across the harbor to reach the 'Rock of Monaco' - the promontory on which the Monaco Old Town is where the Palace, Cathedral and the Musee Oceanographique are located. Along the way we passed by Grimaldi Avenue - a shopping street named after the Grimaldi Dynasty - ruler of Monaco. Unfortunately ( fortunately) most of the shops were closed for the 'siesta'.

At the Harbour Front

1st June 2013
  • A short downhill walk - we reached the harbor-front but the scaffoldings from the grand-stand seatings for the F1 Race last week has yet to be dismantled. We took a breather for coffee and water before moving on for further exploration

 a toy-train for a quick tour of Monaco