Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 2014 - The RSGC -HKGC Interport in Hong Kong

The interport game was played on Saturday afternoon. After an early brunch the game was played at the club's Eden Course. This is the course that pakdokter had played every time pakdokter came here for the interport.

As predicted RSGC lost the interport game to the more superior Hong Kong team.

An early dinner was hosted by Hong Kong Golf Club after the game

 the clubs' Captains

December 2014 - Interport RSGC vs Hong Kong Golf Club in Hong Kong

The second weekend of December saw pakdokter flying to Hong Kong to play in the interport against Hong Kong Golf Club. RSGC could only send a small contingent of 14 golfers as many had already gone to Shenzen Mission Hills 2 weeks earlier to play in the Biennial Quadrangular Game.

Pakdokter, Eddie Siew, CY Lim , Jack Chia and Dato Tan Toh Hua took the early morning AirAsia flight to Hong Kong and arrived by lunch time in time to play in one of the three 18"s at the HKGC. We were originally booked to play at the New Course but as there were quite a lot of players there the Marshall directed us to play at the Old Course instead.

Pakdokter had never played at this Old Course despite having been here at least twice in the past. So pakdokter was glad to get a chance to play at this course.

 above: the HKGC Clubhouse

 hole 1 green

 at hole 8 just outside the club is a famous
 beef ball noodle shop (ngau lam noodle) shop
unfortunately we did not have time to check it out
CY Lim and Dato Tan Toh Hua stooped there for a meal
and played only 9 holes instead
pakdokter's flight managed to finish 15 holes due to failing light

 Eddie Siew and Jack Chia

 after the game we settled down for food and drinks 
which extended into dinner
we put up at the club itself.
rooms were rented out at HKD1800 a night
with a HKD300 meal voucher inclusive per day
meal vouchers (credits) could be used for meals at the club's outlets

April 2014 - Interport RSGC vs SICC at RSGC

Soon after return from Jakarta in April 2014 pakdokter played for RSGC against SICC at RSGC. This is an annual 'home and away' game, RSGC usually visits SICC some time in October or November of the year.

Having the home advantage, RSGC had no difficulty beating the visitng team

April 2014 - RSGC - Royal Jakarta Interport

Apart from the game against Royal Jakarta, our team also took the opportunity during this trip to play a round of golf at the Royale Jakarta. Unfortunately heavy rain interrupted our gamewhich forced us to stop the game. Royale Jakarta would host the Indonesian Open two weeks after our visit.

pakdokter at Royale Jakarta

On another day we played at another Jakarta club which has a reciprocal affiliations with RSGC - the Jagorawi GC. This is the first time that pakdokter played at Jagorawi.

 AK, Akib, pakdokter and Thomas

April 2014 - RSGC vs Royal Jakarta in Jakarta

In 2013 the RSGC-Royal Jakarta interport was held some time in December. The outgoing RSGC Captain wanted to lead the RSGC Team back to Jakarta before his term expired so this inetrport for 2014 was brought down to an earlier date in April 2014.

As always RSGC always lose the away games as the home club could bring out their best players against the visiting team. However it was still a great outing with great camaraderie between members of the two clubs

 pakdokter partnered pakJamil from RSGC

 AK, Datuk General Rahman and pakHamid Ibrahim

 RGGS President Tan Sri Anwar entertaining the golfers

Ezanee Bakar belting his jazzy tune