Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Exploring the Amboseli Park (2)

The Amboseli National Park looked like it is a 'specialised' elephant park judging from the abundant number of elephants easily sighted as we drove around. The pictures posted here were taken with a better SLR camera and the videos below were recorded with pakdokter's palm-sized Sony camera.

a solitary vulture atop a tree
impala crossing
elephant crossing



Exploring the Amboseli National Park (1)

The Amboseli National Park is not as large as the Serengeti in Tanzania ( Serengeti's size is 8000 sq km). The park was a short drive from the Amboseli Sopa Lodge and it was a beautiful drive through the park with the Kilimanjaro in its back-drop.
The most common wild-life here appeared to be the elephants. Elephants were easily and abundantly found throughout the park.

the Kilimanjaro cap was still visible in the morning

ostriches looking like ballerinas

 tented luxury camps at Amboseli

The Amboseli Sopa Lodge (2)

A selection of pictures taken around the Amboseli Sopa Lodge taken by pakdokter's partner with her better SLR camera.

Morning @ the Amboseli Sopa Lodge

Good morning, Amboseli Sopa Lodge

Thursday, 23rd August 2012

Woke up on a cold but bright Thursday morning, to be greeted by the security guards of the lodge near our huts who directed us to a corner of the compound where we got a great unobstructed view of the Kilimanjaro with its snow-capped top before it became covered by clouds unsually in mid-morning.
Walking the grounds of the lodge, pakdokter came to realise how beautiful the bushland where the lodge has been built was.

one of the many lodges at Amboseli Sopa

trying to capture the beauty of the place
huge giant cacti

the majestic Kilimanjaro
Africa's highest mountain at 5800 metres