Saturday, March 31, 2012

Golf at the Velosi Invitation

Pakdokter was invited to play a game of golf at the "Velosi Invitation Golf" - an annual event between a team representing a Malaysian Oil and Gas Operator ( Velosi Malaysia) against a team of gas and oil operators and contractors from Brunei. Each team was repesented by 22 players and played on a stableford format - the total from the top ten scores from each team was compared against each other.
The Chairman of Velosi Malaysia - Datuk Jai Suboh - is a friend of pakdokter. The event has been held for the last 7 or 8 years and the Championship Trophy was last won by the Brunei side.
The Brunei team again won the competition this year. Pakdokter had played well at this course ( The Tasik Puteri Golf Course ) last month in the STAROBA Monthly Medal, but unfortunately did not manage to repeat the feat of the last game. However this outing enabled pakdokter to network with many oil and gas professionals especially from Brunei.
Datuk Jai Suboh in the Texan hat

the Brunei team came in their orange shirts

Buddha Day in Chiang Mai (1)

The Old City of Chiang Mai has Buddhist Temples on almost all corners of the city. Pakdokter visited the oldest and biggest temple which must be quite old and some parts of the temple are damaged over time. Pakdokter can only imagine how grand it must have been during its hey days.

in celebration of the Buddha Day - many lotus stalls
were put up along the streets leading to the temples
devotees buy the lotus flowers for their prayers
these girls tried to sell pakdokter their flowers

Buddha Day in Chiang Mai (2)

That Wednesday, 7th March 2012, was a public holiday, a Buddha Day Celebration, as we were told by people we asked at the hotel and restaurants. The notice at the temple pakdokter visited below said that it was a "Maha Pooja Buddha Day". Pakdokter managed to witness part of the ceremony that evening as pakdokter had booked for a round of Thai Massage at our hotel spa at 8 pm.
Devotees prayed at the temple and make offerings of lotus flowers. Lotus flower stalls lined the street leading to all the temples.