Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Old Town of Chiang Mai

Pakdokter did not manage to visit the Chiang Mai Old Town earlier as pakdokter days were fully occupied with the three rounds of golf then. So pakdokter took the opportunity to walk and check out the old city as our hotel was a convenient walking distance away from the city wall lining the moat that surrounded the city. Give it another 2 or 3 years - pakdokter is sure even this city would no longer look the same. Many of the old buildings and bungalows are undergoing repairs and renovations and new shops have been built to house boutiques and restaurants. However development in the old city must have been 'limited or restricted' to low-rise regulations as pakdokter did not see any highrise modern buildings been constructed. The old city has so many old temples at differrent parts and corners within the city walls.

a lonely old house near the old city in front of our hotel
this temple was around the corner from our hotel

the street leadin to the old city
art decor Starbucks outlet
the old city wall and the moat at the far end

one of the gates into the old city
new boutiques and restaurants

this old house now housed a design centre

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