Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chiang Mai Day 3 : The Royal Chiang Mai Golf Club

Friday, 2nd March 2012

The final game was played at the Royal Chiang Mai Golf Course. Pakdokter vaguely remembers this course which the SGC played at during the last trip here many years ago. The general condition of this course appeared to have deteriorated somewhat - perhaps the 'hazy' atmosphere from the slash-and-burn farming had given pakdokter this impression.

Pakdokter played with pakZaher ( ?again) and pakShaber and pakAzhan. Pakdokter's handicap remained at 24 and for once pakdokter now had to give pakShaber 1 stroke as he now played to a handicap of 25.
Pakdokter played to form and at the end of the day still collected some baths from pakShaber and pakAzhan.
In the overall tournament, pakAminJidon came out tops again on Day 3 and in the overall 3 days score. Prizes were awarded over lunch at a Muslim Restaurant in town.

the 'haze' was even captured in these pictures

pakShaber, pakZaher, pakAzhan and pakdokter

?cherry blossoms...

starting at hole 10, pakdokter was DQed when
pakdokter played the wrong ball at the 2nd shot.....
but regained form after overcoming the initial 'agitation'....

Champion Chiang Mai Tour March 2012

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