Monday, March 26, 2012

Chiang Rai Day 4: @ the Thai Border Town To Burma

Our full-day tour took us to the northernmost town of Thailand bordering Burma. The drive from Chiang Rai took about 1 hour along a very good highway. Along the way we passed by rice-fields and nearing the border the mountain slopes were used for coffee plantation.

the immigration complex at the border with Burma
the Thai border town looks prosperous
many shops and hotels
probably a lot of business supplying goods into Burma

the road-side stalls sell agricultural produce of the district
straberries, persimmons, mangos
honey melons - small ones
strawberry wines - sweet and fruity

many shops selling precious stones from Burma
the bridge across river that seperates the two countries
this coffee shop also sells precious stones from Burma like jade etc
the coffee machines are industrial-types from France and Italy
and the coffee beans, the Chang ( Elephant) Coffee are
from the local plantations
polished and clean coffee bar
brewed coffee, cappucino, espresso, latte...
you name it and they have it
at half the price of Starbucks and
equally good if not better....
espresso always served with a cup of tea
this seems to be the practice in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai regions
and with it a tiny sweet local cookie
looking at jade and silver ornaments

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