Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Handicap 19

Thursday 30th June 2012

What an auspicious day! Pakdokter signed up to play at the RSGC today and was pleasantly surprised that pakdokter's golf handicap has been reduced to 19. After so many years of playing to a handicap of 24, pakdokter's perseverance is finally showing results. For the record, pakdokter's lowest handicap ever was 22.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Maria's @ Damansara Perdana

This simple non-descript family restaurant was recommended by a relative of pakdokter recently when we talked about where to find good 'steaks'  in KL.  It was not a disappointment. It is a simple coffee-house type of a restaurant on the first floor of the high-rise block in this residential area on the outskirts of the city. The decor was simple, no pretense - but it offered chilled Black Angus, chilled Wagyu grade 5 and 7 and at prices quite reasonable.

Pakdokter ordered a simple plain pasta olio aglio to start - just pasta cooked in olive oil with garlic and chilli pepper. For the mains - pakdokter tried the Black Angus steak - medium done. It was served plain with no sauce - just as how a good steak should be eaten - and it was tender, juicy and tasty. Pakdokter's partner had the fillet tenderloin steak and Raena the beef sausages after starting out with a bowl of home-made soups.

Will go back to try the wagyu beef next!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

RSGC Sunday Buayas on 27th May 2012

This Sunday only 3 flights of 9 golfers played including a new member, Anwar, who played in the 3rd flight.

Pakdokter played with Zulfikar and Faidz a.k.a. Jiv - and Zulfikar who played high stakes with Jiv lost a fair bit on his 'double up', 'new frame' and 'press' - all new golf betting lingo which pakdokter is slowing learning from these young guys.

Pakdokter nearly added salt to injury to Zulfikar who escaped with a scrape only at the last hole.

The week's winner was Ismail Sharif who played 1-under to his handicap of 16?

A Night of Jazz @ Mezze

'Mezze' is a French-Mediterranean Restaurant located on Jalan Kasah in Damansara. Pakdokter had seen this restaurant being featured often on the facebook pages of Tan Sri Dr Ridzuan Bakar - pakdokter's medical school senior who regularly dined there and at times played ?piano/?saxophone at the jazz bar on the upper level of the restaurant.

Riz had posted about Jordan Rivers performing at 'Mezze' on his FB page on Friday - so pakdokter and partner finally decided to check this out.

The food at the restaurant is French-Moroccan-Mediterranean.  As such quite a number of French expats filled up the almost full-house restaurant that Saturday night. The wine list on offer was 'extensive' - from all parts of the world with prices ranging from low hundreds to a few thousands. Pakdokter must admit 'Mezze' has a good selection.

Pakdokter had the skirt striploin steak which turned out to be chewy - not surprising as this comes from the stronger bundle of meat of the cow's thighs. Pakdokter's partner ordered the lamb sausages which came on top of a handful of cous-cous, very Moroccan.

We adjourned upstairs after that for the already packed Jazz bar. Jordan Rivers had already started his first set. The black guitarist and singer was accompanied by Micheal Veerapen and his trio. The music and songs were a selection from George Benson and Bill Withers. Cover charge was RM25 ++ which came with one drink each.

 Not a bad venue for a night out - quite near to where pakdokter lives although parking in the area could be quite a problem as there are many popular restaurants in that little corner of Damansara.

RSGC May 2012 Monthly Medal

Saturday, 26th May 2012

Pakdokter won the Medal C Catergory with an awesome score of gross 87 ( 45/42) on the strokeplay format which earned pakdokter a net score of 63 ( 9 under ) playing to pakdokter's handicap of 24. Pakdokter got 2 pars on the 1st Nine of the New Course and bogeys for the rest except for a triple bogey on the 9th. If pakdokter had kept the bogey at the 9th pakdokter would have achieved a score of 43 for the 1st Nine.

At the 2nd Nine of the new course ( which is the longer and more difficult course) - pakdokter did 4 pars and 1 birdie with bogeys and double-bogeys for the remaining 4 which enabled pakdokter to score a gross of 42.

Pakdokter's flight-mates, Tg Muin Putra, Tg Muzafar and  Tg Mohd Amer lost 'on the money' to pakdokter. Tg Muzafar unfortunately had to withdraw at the 15th hole when he suffered dizziness and faint due to the heat and pressure from the game.

Pakdokter's handicap will now be cut by 3 next month.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Family Dinner @ Somgket

On Rastam's last day in KL for the short 'Golden Week' holidays from Tokyo - the family went out to look for traditional Malay food. We drove through Kampong Baru but the Nasi Lemak International and the Wan Jor Nasi Lemak shops did not look 'inviting' at all. The whole 'kampong' had a rather depressing feel - and Raena googled for Malay Restaurants and located 'Songket' on the Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.

'Songket' was located in a nice setting - in a large bungalow with an expansive garden surrounded by many high-rise condominiums in the vicinity of the KLCC. However, there was only one table of diners when we came in. The cultural show to entertain the 'potential tourists' was too loud for comfort. The dishes on offer were traditional Malay dishes at reasonable prices. We ordered the grilled beef ribs, ikan percik, kerabu pucuk paku, pucuk paku masak lemak and kari masak lemak ayam with nangka muda. For desserts we tried the sago gula melaka and a caramel cake.

ayam percik and daging bakar

pucuk paku masak lemak and
kari lemak ayam and nangka muda

sago gula melaka

caramel cake and coconut ice-cream

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Inter-Port Match : RSGC vs RBSC

The Annual Inter-Port Match between Royal Selangor Golf Club and the Royal Bangkok Sports Club was held on the weekend of 19th and 20th may 2012. A small contingent from Bangkok made it to KL this time and as such many of the Bangkok golfers had to play alone against a pair from RSGC.

Pakdokter was paired with Zulfikar to play against Mr Manu - a senior RBSC golfer against whom pakdokter had played during the visit to Bangkok 2 years ago. Pakdokter played quite well in the 1st Nine of the Old Course - scoring 3 pars and 5 bogeys with an unfortunate double par at the last hole. otherwise pakdokter's score in the 1st Nien would have been in the mid-40's.

Pakdokter played well again in the 2nd Nine - but unfortunately, despite being 6-up with 5 to go, the game had to be abandoned due to inclement weather.

On Sunday pakdokter could only play in a social game as there was not enough Bangkok player to play against pakdokter. Anyhow, RSGC came out victorious for both the Erawan and Seladang Cups at RSGC this year.

RSGC had played against RBSC in the 'away' game some time in February this year and pakdokter had missed that trip as pakdokter was away in ChiangMai around that time.

pakdokter, Mr Manu and Zulfikar 

A Night Out @ Tengkat Tong Shin and Jalan Alor

Jalan Alor is definitely a food haven - pakdokter never realised what a transfromation this street has taken. This area used to be a 'red light district' - but today rows and rows of sea-food restaurants and noodle stalls line both sides of the street. The tourists have definitely discovered this area. Many of the old link-houses and shophouses along the street has been converted into restaurants, bed-and-breakfast outfits and boutique hotels.

Rastam came home from Tokyo for a short 5-day break from work. The family spent the first afternoon at our regular Touche de Siam spa for a round fo Thai massage and went for a night out at Jalan Alor and Tengkat Tong Shin in Bukit Bintang for dinner at the highly recommended Muar Restaurant. 

We went to the Muar Restaurant - according to Rastam, it is highly recommended on the online food portal dailychillis.com?

We ordered 4 dishes - a deep-fried fish in ?Thai sauce, finely-chopped baby kailan fried in butter, otak-otak and fried egg Muar style served with thick sweet soya-sauce (kicap). It lived up to its reputation of serving 'home-cooked' meals. Rastam and pakdokter's partner also treated themselves to another highly recommended dessert dish of the 'chendol'.

Anggun Boutique Hotel

Anjung B n B( above)
and the Rainforest Boutique Hotel (below)

Sugimoto @ Desa Hartamas

above is the ox tongue for self-grill on the hot pot
and below was pakdokter's chiraishi some ( cold fine
noodle with vegetables)

Sugimoto @ Desa Hartamas is one of pakdokter's family's regular Japanese Restaurant for many years. It has retained its quality of food and standards or service over the years despite the fact that the Desa Hartamas township has of late lost its allure to newer destinations like Solaris Dutamas and Solaris Mont Kiara


Ploy @ Works

a selection of sushis for starters

Ploy is one new restaurant in the neighbourhood of Damansara Heights - located along the road leading to the new Istana Negara. It serves a 'fusion' cuisine - a mix of east and west. The atmosphere is casual, service prompt, portions of dishes just right and not too expensive.

below, fried rice with kimchi
on previous visits, pakdokter had tried out their steaks
and pastas which were good.

RSGC's Modesto

the pear salad

Modestos opened @ the RSGC the past one year or so. It has become one of pakdokter's regular dining outlet because of its wide selection of Italian dishes as well as for its convenience. No hassle to find a parking space and no problem in getting a table. However it did not appear like the RSGC members were patronising the outlet very much for on some nights only 2 or 3 tables were taken up.

grilled prawns

apple strudel with ice cream

baked cod (above)
and (below) the tenderloin steak

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Mother's Day Dinner @ Nero Fico

Mother's Day - Sunday 13th May 2012. Pakdokter returned from Jakarta late Saturday evening after 3 days of golf there with the RSGC Sunday Buayas Boys. Sunday morning saw a few of us back at RSGC playing in the Tun Hussein Onn Cup Bogey-Play Competition. Pakdokter must have had too much golf - played a miserable 52/56 to return a score of -7. Amongst the RSGC Sunday Buayas group, Tg Muzafar @ Ja came out second with a score of +2.

That evening pakdokter and family went out for dinner at Nero Fico - an Italian Restaurant in the Damansara Heights neighbourhood. The Mother's Day menu was too big and too much - so we settled for the choices from the ala carte. Pakdokter took the starter of sliced brinjals panfried with parmigiano cheese toppings to be followed by a pasta olio aglio with scallops. Pakdokter was too full for any dessert.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Recent Culinary Adventure : Chez Rose in Damansara Heights

the tenderloin steak

char-grilled salmon steak

Chez Rose in Damansara Heights used to be an Austrian Restaurant - owned and run by a Malay lady, Chef Rose, and her Austrian husband. Recently the restaurant has been bought over by the 'Jake's Charbroil' - and we decided to check the place out. Apart from the original Austrian menu, the new owner has added a new list of steaks and pastas which turned out to be good. Pakdokter found the original Austrian dishes to be to 'creamy' for pakdokter's liking. 

Recent Culinary Adventure : Grappa @ K Avenue

beef carpaccio and avocado slices

Grappa used to be in Bangsar but has now moved to K Avenue in front of the KLCC. After an evening of shopping at KLCC we decided to check out Grappa at its new venue. Pakdokter would rate the food there just so so.

linguini aglio olio with prawns

tenderloin steak

grilled cod

Recent Culinary Adventure : Prego @ KL Westin

the older wines were allowed to 'breath' in these
fancy-looking decanters with long necks

Prego is the Italian Restaurant at the Westin KL in Bukit Bintang. Martin Chan, an RSGC golfer who went with pakdokter to Japan last month is a wine connoussier - he regularly attends 'Wine Dinner' at various places in the city. He invited pakdokter to join him and his friends to a special seesion of a 6-course Italian Dinner paired with a series of 10 Italian wines of different vintages. The wines came from Castello Banfi - and the Brunello Montalcino wines ranged from 1997 to 2009 vintages.As we tried out the different vintages paired to the different dishes - we were also given an introduction to the Brunellos by the sommelier. Chef Huza from Westin did a splendid job creating the six dishes for the night. 

Recent Culinary Adventure : Kebab House Iranian Fine Dining

The Kebab House - Iranian Fine Dining Restaurant is situated one level above the 'Ten' Japanese Restaurant at Solaris Dutamas. Pakdokter and family checked this outlet out a week or so after having dined at the 'Ten".

 we sat alfresco on the patio under the moonlit and starry sky

 the dishes were of generous portion
and the prices were reasonable
but pakdokter thinks the Iranian Food at the Ali Baba
Restaurant at Ampang Road in front of the
Great Eastern Mall is more tasty

 pakdokter's beef kebab came with pilav rice and salad

Raena's lamb kofta is a big ball of minced lamb
in a tomatoey sauce and served with a large round bread

the lamb kebab of pakdokter's partner