Sunday, April 29, 2012

RSGC vs KGNS Day 2

Day 2 of the RSGC-KGNS Inter-Club Game was played on Sunday morning at the RSGC. KGNS led on the 1st Day with a score of 31-29 points.

Pakdokter (24) partnered Ahmad Khalid (12) and played against Mr Yew Kim Tong (12) and Mr Nazri Othman (14). The game was played on a 4-ball-better-ball matchplay format.

We started at hole 15 of the Old Course. By the time we played the 18th hole, pakdokter's pair led the KGNS opponents 1-up. We went on to lead further into the game and by the time we finished our first nine holes - we led the KGNS by 4-up. Pakdokter played reasonably well - pakdokter's drives have definitely improved a lot and matching the players with much lower handicaps. Hopefully pakdokter will finally be able to achieve a lower handicap rating soon!

We went into the last 5 holes at the beginning of the 2nd Nine of the Old Course leading the KGNS pair by 3. Mr Yew came back into the game, matching AK's good show, only to be denied a victory by pakdokter's ability to match using the stroke advantage.

Pakdokter finally sealed the match with a 3 & 2 victory at hole 12th.

RSGC came back strongly on Day 2. The RSGC team scored 50 points against KGNS's 12 points. For the 2 days - RSGC beat KGNS 79 to 43. The Musa Hitam Trophy was awarded to RSGC till we meet again in 2013.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Inter-Club Match between RSGC and KGNS

Saturday, 28th April 2012

This is an annual 'home and away' game which is popular amongst most members of the two clubs. The 1st Day game this year was hosted by KGNS at Subang on Saturday afternoon. Each club was represented by 20 pairs and the game was played on the ' better total stableford points' match between the 2 opposing pairs of the flight. 2 points for a win.

Many from the "RSGC Sunday Buayas" group signed up to play in the game. Pakdokter partnered AK ( Ahmad Khalid) , regular Sunday morning golfer and pakdokter's batch-mate in secondary school in STAR, Ipoh.

Our opponents from KGNS were Hj Roslan (10) and Tuan Syed (14). Pakdokter played to a handicap of 24 and AK (12).

Pakdokter played relatively well - hitting straight and long drives that often went further than the other 3 golfers. With so much 'strokes' advantage, the KGNS pairs were demoralised early in the game with pakdokter missing so many near 'pars'. Pakdokter's pair finished the 1st Nine 2-up on the opponents.

Heat and fatigue affected pakdokter's game in the 2nd Nine but AK game back to keep the match going. We kept our lead to the end and pakdokter clinched the match at hole 17 with a par on the par-5 hole.

KGNS plays much shorter to RSGC. It was not too difficult to reach the green 'on regulation' - but the greens were much slower than RSGC. It played to a green speed of 8 at the most. Pakdokter often putted 6 to 10 feet short.

The Race To Medan : Game 2

Thursday, 26th April 2012

The 'Race to Medan 2012' is a golf competition initiated by a group of golfers at the KGSAAS Golf Course since early this year. Each participant has to play a minimum of 12 games over a period of 10 months from January 2012 to qualify for the final round in Medan in November 2012. The final round in Medan will be a full-expense paid trip with attractive prizes to boot.

Due to pakdokter's busy schedule, pakdokter had only managed to play 1 game so far. That was in March during one of the games played at the KGSAAS Golf Course. This game at the Bukit Jalil Golf Course was pakdokter's 2nd game.

Pakdokter played with Kamal M Nor, Sirajudin Ahmad and Dato Baharuddin. Unfortunately pakdokter did not play well at all and ended up the chief sponsor for the flight. Luckily the damage was small.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Gathering of STARS 2012

Radzi Hamid, Ahmad Khalid and Husni Ahmad

Majid, Aziz Yunos and Radzi Hamid

Mihdzor Hilal and Yb Dato Abu Samah Noordin

Md Nor Shah, Alias Shaarani, Mustafa Mohamad and Baharom Othman

Baharom Othman, ADI ( Ahmad Daud Ismail),
Zainal Abidin Baharom, Mohd Akib Yusof

"Gathering of STARS 2012"

"Gathering of STARS 2012"

"Gathering of STARS 2012"

Radzi Hamid, Wahab Chik, Harmain Zayadi,
Mihdzor Hilal, Mustafa Mohamad

The "Gathering of STARS" - a dinner reunion for Old Boys of Sekolah Tuanku Abdula Rahman, Ipoh, was held on the 25th April 2012, at the Felda Perdana Hall, in Kuala Lumpur. Pakdokter's batch of Staroba69, was there with about a third of the batch in attendance. It was nice to catch up with these friends once again.

Samat Moain, Jumi M Nor and Tahir Ariffin

Radzi Hamid and Mohd Akib Yusof

Harmain, Sufian Hamzah, Radzi Darus, Zainal Zulkarnain

Zainal Zulkarnain, Ahmad Khalid and Abdullah Jusoh
and below Mustafa Mohamad with Alias Shaarani

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Lake Club April Medal @ Ayer Keroh Golf Course, Melaka

Shaiful at the tee

stopped for shelter when it rained

 flight mate, Steven Soh, a travel agent
who specialises in golf tour

The Lake Club Golf Section held its April Medal at the Melaka Ayer Keroh Golf Course on Saturday, 21st April 2011. A total of 30 golfers took part in the game. Pakdokter drove down with Martin Chan instead of taking the bus with the rest of the group as we wanted to return to KL early immediately after the game.

Pakdokter played in the flight with Martin Chan, Shaiful and Steven Soh. Martin and pakdokter played to our handicaps of 24 while the other two played to a handicap of 21. Unfortunately the weather was unkind that morning - it rained heavily after the 3rd or 4th hole and the game finally ended at almost 3 pm. Pakdokter played so badly - starting with 4 consecutive 'double-pars' in the first 4 starting holes. Although pakdokter came back in subsequent holes, the earlier scores were too bad to make any difference.

Ayer Keroh is a lovely golf course carved out of the natural hilly and foresty surroundings. Many of the old trees have been left untouched by the golf course development. It is a relatively difficult course - with very long par 5's - the longest being more than 600 yards. The greens are small and mostly sloping downhill with quite a fast speed.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Children in Tokyo

It's nice to see pakdokter's children having a good time together in Tokyo. Raena stayed back in Japan after pakdokter returned home upon finishing the Golf Tour of Japan with the RSGC Team two weeks ago.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Biwako Championship : The Lady Category Winners

The ladies also played in their own competition.

Ms Hirata was the 1st Prize Winner
pictured here with her husband, Hiratasan, and Dr Saitosan
Ms Hirata, 1st Prize Lady Category
Ms Suzuki, 2nd Place Lady Category
Datin Anisah Khadar, 3rd Place Lady Category

Ms Hirata gave her winning speech in Japanese
and was translated by her husband, Hiratasan.