Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tokyo Day 3 : An Early Morning Visit to the Tsukiji Market

Raena hardly slept the whole night as she had literally hibernated through the whole of Tuesday when she found out that the mini-storm was raging through Tokyo in the afternoon. Pakdokter woke up the usual early hours and decided to walk down to the nearby Tsukiji Market.
The Tsukiji Market is world-famous - being the biggest fish market in the world. Tourists usually would want to witness the auction of the fishes - tuna, salmon, etc etc - but as the pack of tourists coming to see the 'auction in action' become bigger over the years and somewhat of a nuisance to the actual bidding activities - the authorities have now limited the daily entrance to a limited number of tourists per day with strict enforcements of do's and dont's to be followed.
Pakdokter and Raena, without knowing the proper procedures, had inadvertently trespassed into the bowels of the market and after some time were stopped by an alert security guard who some things which we did not understand but was escorted in the most respectable way out of the market..........but by that time we had literally walked through most part of the market except the auction hall.
We then checked out some of the stalls offering breakfast and opted for, of course, sashimis.......

the lobby of the Mitsui Garden Hotel is on the 16th floor
and one gets a commanding vista of the city from there
the Tokyo Tower is on the right side of the lobby
the empty lobby of the hotel at 5 am.....
the sun rose at around 5 am at this time of the year

the main entrance and the multi-storey car park into the market
these shops were not even open yet
fish being emptied out of crates that came of the boats?..
the sashimis for breakfast

for 1000 yen each - that's half the price at the golf club

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