Saturday, April 7, 2012

Osaka Day 2 : The Osaka Castle Park

Day 2 in Osaka was a 'free and easy' day for us. More RSGC golfers arrive from KL to join our entourage to the Biwako Country Club and and checked-in at our hotel.
A group of the golfers decided to take the train to Nara, some went shopping and pakdokter, Raena, Shahrir Roose, Tg Fara Lucia and Martin Chan decided to visit the Osaka Castle.
It took a quick train ride from our hotel to the Osaka Castle - just 2 stops on the 'purple subway line' which run through the shopping mall adjacent to our hotel. And what a pleasant surprise it was for us! The whole of the Osaka Castle Park was a riot of white, pink and red of the full bloom of the different types of 'sakuras' found at the park. And the Osakan folks were out with mats and picnic boxes to celebrate the 'hanami'.

Raena, Tg Fara Lucia, Shahrir Roose and Martin Chan

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