Saturday, April 7, 2012

Osaka Day 2 : The Osaka Castle

Pakdokter and Raena had visited the Osaka castle in a previous trip - so we gave a tour of the castle a miss. The others bought the ticket to enter and tour the castle which had been reconstructed several times, every time after it was being damaged by war andearthquakes.
While waiting for our friends to visit the interior of tha castle - pakdokter and Raena treated ourselves to a helping of the 'tako' balls - a local Osakan dish of the squid cooked inside a ball of a pancake-like dough.
The castle is located on a higher ground protected by two concentric moats which made it difficult for the enemies to attack it. Peasants and artisans used to live along the outermost land beyond the moats, the soldiers within the moats and finally the Emperor in the castle.
From the castle ground, one gets a panoramic view of the city of Osaka.

the 'sotong balls' or 'takos' being cooked

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