Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 1 at Biwako Country Club

We left Osaka at 645 am and it took about an hour on the motorway to reach the Biwako Country Club. It was rather cloudy and cold. We were welcomed by the Biwako hosts - and it was nice to meet up with colleagues from Biwako whom pakdokter had become friends with since pakdokter's regular participation in this Tour 5 years ago. Dr Saitosan is still the Biwako Club Captain. Kenji Yamashitasan was also there with Matsuokasan and several others who would play with us in the practice round today.
As we were preparing to start the game, the sky became very dark and suddenly there was a snow-fall - at this time of the year! Even the Japanese comrades could not beleive it! The temperature at that time fell to 6 degrees celcius! All of us added additonal layers of clothes to cope with the cold.

the Malaysian flag ( as usual) was put up @ the club
Mycron Steel CEO Azlan Abdullah, Shahrir Roose,
Tg Muinuddin Putra and Martin Chan

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