Thursday, November 27, 2014

Retro Night @ RSGC ( May 2014)

After returning from the Japan Tour in April 2014, pakdokter signed up for the Retro Night put up at RSGC. The band in attendance was The Headwind and it was a sell-out! Great night out for usic of the 70's.

Glen Oaks Golf and Country Club, Tokyo

On Day 3 in Tokyo we were booked to play at the Glen Oaks GC - which was located not far from the Narita Airport. It was another lovely course, rather hilly with narrow fairways with winds coming into play in many of the holes.

Pakdokter played with Eddie Siew and Danny and was lucky to have won a fair bit of 'yens' from Danny.

 beef teriyaki for lunch

 the grass on the fairways has not fully recovered from the winter effect yet
some residual sakura

The RSGC Tour of Japan ended the next day. It was a very satisfying trip. We played in 3 new courses this trip on top of the 2 days at Biwako CC which is the annual interport game. We gave the Club 300 in Tokyo a miss this year.

Back to the Oyster bar

As pakdokter's son, Rastam, could not join us on the first night pakdokter arrived in Tokyo because of his work, we took him to the Oyster Bar where we went that night. The bar's Captain came to talk to us and we found out that he speaks some Arabic and also works at an art museum during the day.

Ryugasaki GC Tokyo - a High Tea and Prize Presentation

After the game the RSGC visitors were entertained to a high tea followed by speeches from the club Presidents to welcome the inauguration of the reciprocal relationship between these two clubs. Apart from prizes for those who played well, everyone received a memento from the host to help us remember this trip to Ryugasaki. 

 Danny paying his loss to Datuk Mohamed Husain

 the Presidents exchanging souveniers

 Anwar and Alyah played well here

Ryugasaki GC Tokyo - the 2nd Nine

Lunch was served after finishing the 1st Nine. It was a delicious set meal with fresh sashimis and fried rice with miso soup and pickled appetisers.

The 2nd Nine is just as scenic as the 1st - is more undulating with a few ponds and lakes coming into play.

 the caddy in all Japanese clubs looks after all the 4 golfers
it is important that one helps her by raking one's own bunker etc