Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day 1 : Royal Selangor GC vs Royal Bangkok SC

Saturday morning we all checked in at Royal Bangkok for an early lunch at the club. Lunch was a spread of delicious phad thai, chicken rice and duck noodle soup. 

It was nice to meet up with friends from Royal Bangkok again - Mr Vudhi, Simon, Pichit, Chanchai, Kalai etc etc.

Pakdokter and Rain were paired to play Dr Krisanapol and Palit M. Dr Krisanapol is an engineer, used to work for Ford until he was brought back to lead PTT ( Thailand's equivalent of Petronas) He is now retired and spend most of his time in his hunting lodge in Ayuthya. He hunts Siberian ducks who emigrate to Thailand in the winter months. His partner Mr Palit holds the agency for Seiko watches in Thailand. This is the first time that pakdokter is meeting with these distinguished gentlemen.
Royal Bangkok is smack in the centre of Bangkok. It is within the race-course and thus it is a relatively shirt course. Many new high-rise buildings have been completed since pakdokter played here two years ago.

Our match was a closely fought game. we only managed to win the match at the second last hole. However the same could not be said for the other pairs from RSGC. Our players were soundly thrashed by the Bangkok counterparts in most of the other games.

Palit M, Rain, pakdokter, Dr Krisanapol

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