Monday, November 10, 2014

Day 3 Road to Chiangmai 2014 at Alpine Golf Club

The Day 3 game was held at the Alpine Golf Course. Faiz KA was leading in the Fedex games. He came from 7th rank in the RSGC games over 2014 and with 2 good rankings in 2 days in Chiangmai he has already jumped to the top of the Fedex rankings. 

In the Ryders Cup Games - Team Estia and Team Mercure went into Day 3 with an even score of 7-7.

It was going to be a very exciting day. 

 pakdokter and AK waiting to leave for Alpine

 Team Estia in front of our hotel
Team Estia was in red on Day 3
Kun Surapat (in white) is our ground agent
and owner of Estia Boutique Hotel

 Team Mercure came in blue

 the 2 team Captains exchanging golf ball before the match

 picture taken by a caddy

 we all teed off from hole 1.
 It was a busy day with 200 golfers playing that day

 Idora played as a guest in our group
5-ball flight allowed provided everyone hires a buggy

 Izmir retrieving one of his wild shots

pakdokter and DRozhan congratulating
 each other at the end of the game

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