Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Tokyo SkyTree

The Tokyo SkyTree - the newest and tallest structure in Tokyo. It is twice the height of the older Tokyo Tower and like the Tokyo Tower, it is also a telecommunication tower. One can take a lift to its highest viewing deck but due to the rainy weather and poor visibility, we decided to come again on another day when the sky is clear and visibility is good.
The pictures here were taken from an adjoinig block which housed shops and restaurants. We had our dinner at an Indian Restaurant.

 chicken tikkas
 great rotis, light and soft

The Tokyo Station

Sunday was the only day Rastam was free to spend time with us. On my last Sunday in Tokyo we decided to visit the Tokyo Train Station - which for the past year or two had been undergoing restoration and renovations. The building had been restored to its original structure and the prestigious Station Hotel occupied one section of the building.

 the domes of the station

 seen from the Marounouchi Building in front of the station

Japanese Laksa?

On another night Rastam took us to a ramen bar where the noodles was served with a thick fish broth not quite unlike our very own 'laksa'. The only difference was that the fish broth was served seperately in a different bowl and one picked up the noodle and soaked them into the broth bowl before eating.
The ramen bar was located on a side street in Shibuya.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Night Out at an Izakaya in Akasaka

crostini-like grilled bread
squid ink bread with cheese toppings
and sea cucumber

An Izakaya is the equivalent of a Japanese pub. Popular with after-office workers most of them were often fully booked early from 6 or 7 pm onwards. We met up with Rastam at Akasaka and were lucky to secure a room at one of the izakayas on the main street. We were told that we could have the room for a maximum of two hours only.
The menu was in Japanese so Rastam's presence was of great help. Otherwise one would have to depend on the pictures from the menu card. With luck some of the waiters may be able to speak some English.
The dishes came in small portions - much like Spanish tapas. We sampled a variety of the dishes on offer as we enjoyed our drinks.

 duck breast fillet
 spanish ( japanese?) omelette
 tenderloin steak

 eel (unagi) rice


An Exhibition of Chrysanthemum Flowers at Odawara Castle Ground