Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chiang Mai Day 2 : The Alpine Golf Course

Thursday, 1st March 2012

The beauty of playing in Chiang Mai was that we did not have to wake up early as in Jakarta and there was no traffic jam to keep us on the road for hours. Our tee-off time for the second day was again at around noon - so we could take a leisurely breakfast and left the hotel at about 10 am. We could even make a short visit to a leather showroom on the way and some of us bought new wallets and belts.

Chef de Mission - pakZulkefli Rauf -
announcing the day's flight pairings
the Alpine Resort

caddies ever ready on our arrival

what a great 'motto' for a golf course

luxurious clubhouse

pakAzhar, pakTengku, pakAmin and pakAzhan

watching pakAmin at the tee..
'good sot......'

pakAzhar played to a handicap of 26
and pakdokter was no longer in that class...he he..
pakZaher, pakSani, pakdokter and pakFakhrun....

Pakdokter's handicap was revised to 24 by virtue of the first day's performance. And pakdokter had to play with fairly strong golfers who gave pakdokter a few strokes each Nine. And pakdokter played commendably well to collect a few hundred bahts from pakZaher and pakFakhrun. And pakdokter even made it to the day's winning list of 5 with a score of 34 stableford points. PakAminJidon came out tops for Day 2.
PakZaher could not help that pakdokter should be awarded 'the most improved golfer' prize!....

as we all had a heavy late breakfast
the tour company arranged with a Muslim Restaurant
to prepare packed fried rice and
fried mee ( pad thai).....
and they were really tasty...

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