Thursday, January 1, 2015

December 2014 - Interport RSGC vs HKGC in Hong Kong

The interport game was played in the afternoon to be followed by dinner. RSGC was easily beaten by the home team. Prizes were given out after a great and delicious dinner. Pakdokter and the three other RSGC members who stayed at the club itself later adjourned to the club's lounge for drinks.

 Dato Tan Toh Hua and his HKGC flight mates
Isamu Takemoto (Van) and Brian

 delicious ox-tail and roast beef

 HKGC President welcoming the guests

 Uncle CY

 pakdokter, Eddie and Jack from RSGC

pakdokter with Isamu Takemoto ( Van) from HKGC

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