Thursday, January 1, 2015

December 2014 - Birthday Party at Soju Bar

Early December, one of RSGC Buaya's golfer,Shazal, threw a party at Soju Bar to celebrate his wife's 40th birthday. Shazal's children also went on stage to perform a few songs - what a musical talent.

Apart from Tuty's 40th birthday, Buaya Faiz KA and his daughter also celebrated their birthdays o the same day.

Happy Birthday Tuty.

Happy Birthday Faiz .

 Shazal's eldest daughter is a talented singer

 Shazal's sons on guitar and drums

 Shazal and Tuty

 Faiz KA, Tuty and Faiz's daughter

 in-house Filipino band was a bundle of energy

 Shureen and Fareeda

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