Friday, January 23, 2015

Practise Round at The New Kuta GC

 9th January 2015

We arrived at the New Kuta Bali Golf Course at almost 4 pm. There was only enough time for at most 9-holes. Our golf bags and flights were quickly organised and pakdokter's flight of pakKenji, pakThomas and pakDanny were alloted the slot to tee off from Hole 12 of the golf course.

 caddies quickly organised our golf bags

 the most senior golfer from RSGC Buaya, pakCY Lim 
just celebrated his 80th birthday last month

 Java Sea? from hole 12 of the New Kuta Course

 pakDanny Choong

 pakdokter being watched by p

pakTomas, pakKenji, pakdokter and pakDanny

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