Thursday, February 9, 2012

Edisi 1 Staroba-Koba Invitation 2012 - Day 2 @ Cengkareng

The game on Day 2 was again played at the Cengkareng. Pakdokter's pair with pakTgAzman was again made to play against pakMesha and pakErikIndradewa. And pakdokter's game finally came and walked home with a net score of 68 playing to a handicap of 31! That performance delivered a 1-point to STAROBA as well as a substantial amount of rupiahs from pakErik and pakMesha to wipe out the losses on Day 1. On top of that pakdokter also collected some rupiahs for the daily pair and individual prizes.

The rest of the STAROBA players also did well and the Day 2 scores put STAROBA ahead of KOBA by 7 points going into the final Day 3 game to be held at the Pantai Indah Kapuk Golf Course.
The highlight of the day was the performance by pakAminJidon. In the 1st Nine, he did 5 pars and 4 birdies! to his handicap of mid-teens? His opponent, pakDatukSidek was heard to have said that he felt like he was playing against Thongchai Jaidee........

pakSharifudin?, pakAminJidon and pakFakhrunasri
pakDatukSidek, pakKhairul, pakWanZain, pakKamarudin, pakRoslanChik

pakArifinHamid, pakRahmanDinKinabalu, pakRosliKhan..

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