Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Tom Morris Trophy Championship @ RSGC

This is a knock-out competition based on a partnership best-ball matchplay game. Pakdokter ( handicap 24) partnered pakTgAzman (handicap 24) and was matched against the pair of RSGC President, Tan Sri Anwar Mohd Nor ( handicap 10) and and ex-RSGC Captain, Mr Eddie Soo ( handicap 19). Mr Eddie Soo was down with a fever and could not come on the agreed match day, so, Tan Sri Anwar was left to play alone against pakdokter's pair.
pakTgAzman was in his usual 'bullish' mood - and he had also just bought a new Taylor Made driver which he said was very forgiving and giving him a longer drive distance. And he did not disappoint. He matched Tan Sri in most of the holes, taking advantage of the 14 strokes we got from the President by virtue of the difference in our handicaps. At one stage we went 4 up through the first 5 holes in the 1st Nine but the steady and consistent Tan Sri came back and even out the match at the 8th hole. Pakdokter, who had been a passenger all this while came in at the 9th hole and took the point to go 1-up into the 2nd Nine.
Pakdokter's game took off in the 2nd Nine. After a double-bogey at the 10th, pakdokter took the 11th with a par and the 12th with a bogey to go 3-up. Tan Sri Anwar took the 13th with a par where pakdokter's pair only managed to double-bogey to go back 2-down. Pakdokter matched Tan Sri at the next par-3 with a par to stay 2-up and took the next long par-5 with a bogey. Tan Sri hit his 3rd shot into the lake and conceded that indexed-hole to go 3-down. Pakdokter sealed the game with a par at the next par-4 to win by 4 and 3. Pakdokter hit a splendid tee-off on the next par-3 hole and nearly missed a birdie. Pakdokter ended the 2nd Nine with a remarkable score of 3-under.
pakTgAzman did not play as well in the 2nd Nine but he had actually carried the game for our pair in the 1st Nine.
Tna Sri scored 42/43, pakTgAzman 49/52 and pakdokter 58/45.

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