Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dinner at a Family Restaurant in Ponferrada

Sunday 8th June 2014

Vero had told us during her introduction to the town that there was a small number of residents here whose ancestors and origins could not be accurately identified as they did not belong to the Asturian stock that originate from the region. DNA studies could not put them into any ethnic group - although some researchers think they were probably originally from Africa.

 some building in the old town had drawings of this African looking person on the wall

 managed to get one long table for the group at this restaurant

 seriously studying what to order

 the only waitress at the restaurant is this girl who is achodroplastic
but she was quite a funny girl....

 in the end Vero had to help translate the menu for us
and help organise our orders

 the owner and chef busily preparing our orders in the kitchen

verdict? - this dinner was just a so so....

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