Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Santiago de Compostela to Ponferrada

Sunday 8th June 2014

at the Santiago de Compostela station

We returned to Santiago de Compostela late evening and with a heavy lunch we did not feel like having any dinner. So we hopped into a bar near our hotel where I sampled the Cervezo Negra - a black beer which was alcohol free.I also tried a Spanish cognac - the best in the house - which was nice and very reasonably priced. And what I also remember of the night was the fact that the young bar-tender a was young and handsome Antonio Banderas look-alike!

The next morning we all trooped to the nearby train station to catch our train from Santiago de Compostela to our next stop - Ponferradda. We travelled along  an inland route and no longer on the small-gauge Feve train. We were on the smooth and rapid Renfe coaches that took us on a green undulating countryside and progressed into penetration through mountains into a higher elevation, passing beautiful farms, along river gorges passed bridges and hydrodams to our destination.

 the Renfe rapid train

 comfortable, fast and smooth ride

 hydroelectric dams

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