Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cruise Holidays of the Eastern Mediterranean....

October 2007
This November and for the most part of October, pakdokter did not travel anywhere but was home and working hard for a living on all the weekdays. Pakdokter was distracted by the few books that pakdokter got to read and this blog was left unattended to and not updated.

Scrolling through pakdokter's files on the laptop, pakdokter came across these pictures from the "Holiday Cruise of the Eastern Mediterranean" which pakdokter did in the month of October 2007. And pakdokter decided to blog and put up a series of posts on this site. Hopefully, some of you readers may get some tips or ideas for your next or future holiday plans.

Pakdokter was never keen on 'Cruise Holidays' ( or was rather leaving it for a much later time) as the idea of being 'trapped' on a cruise ship for days was not an interesting proposition. However this trip was taken up because the ports of call were places that would be difficult to reach by other modes of transport.

And it turned out to be quite an exciting experience in the end.

The seven-days cruise started from and ended at Venice. It took to lovely ports and islands in the eastern Mediterranean region. It so happened that Emirates had just started its direct service from Dubai to Venice, and the package which included the return airfare from KL to Venice via Dubai and the full board on the cruise also came to a fairly reasonable price range starting from around RM5000 per pax. The price went higher based on the type of cabin one selected - the ones with a balcony obviously were priced higher. And the cruise company was 'Costa' - an Italian cruise outfit.

Pakdokter and partner were accompanied by Ravee and Siti ( regular travelers on cruise ships), Dollah and Sandra, and the Ogawa sisters, Shinobu and Sanae ( the Japanese godmothers of pakdokter's son, Rastam)

exploring the canals of Venice before the cruise...

the 'Costa Mediterranea' at the port of Venice.

scenes of Venice as the ship set sail into the Mediterranean..

sunset over Venice....

an emergency drill.....

anchored at Rodos...
from the top of Santorini..

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