Thursday, November 25, 2010

Venice to Bari at the South-Eastern tip of Italy...

October 2007

If pakdokter remembered correctly, the cruise left Venice late Saturday afternoon after all the passengers have been boarded in which started from around noon. Despite the huge numbers of passengers, the check-in procedures were smooth and efficient - the experience of regular cruise travellers, Siti and Ravee, did help to make things much easier for the rest of us in the group who were first-timers in 'cruise travel'!

Venice looked even prettier from the top of the cruise ship. The lovely sunset and the accompanying 'arias' of an Italian opera added to the 'romance' of the departure.

All of us had managed to secure en-suite rooms with a balcony. The room was of a decent comfortable size, with facilities matching a 3- or 4-star hotel room.

The ship was 7 or 8 storeys high and the central part of the ship was where all the shops, casinos and restaurants were located.

pakdokter's party of eight....

The overnight journey sailed the length of the Italian peninsula to the town of Bari at the south-eastern tip of Italy.

The sea must be very calm as pakdokter did not feel any swaying at all throughout the whole night. After a hearty breakfast, we all took the half-day excursion to the town of Bari.

Although it was a guided tour - honestly pakdokter could not remember much of the visit to this little and quiet town. Some of the tour books on Italy in pakdokter's library also do not tell very much about this town. Perhaps this stop was more for re-stocking of the ship's supplies.

Below are some of the pictures pakdokter took in the town of Bari.

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