Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Blue Mosque - The SultanAhmet Mosque

Pakdokter took liberty to photograph the above 3 notices as they helped summarise the basic information about the Blue Mosque also known as the SultanAhmed Mosque. He became Sultan at the age of 14 and died some 14 years later. He was the 14th Otttoman Sultan.
The complex consists of the mosque, a medrese, a primary school, a bath, a mausoleum, a hospital, fountains and a marketplace. The mosque itself is an almost rectangular structure with an adjoining courtyard to its right with a central fountain where ablution could be carried out. There are 6 minaret towers but a 7th was constructed later in order to give the honour of having 6 minarets to be given to the only holy mosque in Mecca.
The inside of the mosque has the plan of a clover with 4 leaves. Galleries were built on the 4 sides.

above series of pictures taken as
one approached the mosque from the Hippodrome..

the sets above are of pictures of the dome of the mosque

the prayer hall

the courtyard in front of the mosque facing the Haga Sofia

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