Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 2 : The Turkish Museum of Art and Civilisation

The Turkish Museum of Art and Civilisation is at a former palace whcih belonged to Ibrahim Pasya. It was reported that this palace was bigger in size than the Topkapi Palace. The museum is located at one side of the Hippodrome - opposite the Blue Mosque. The museum is also not on the usual tourist itinerary and entrance into this museum cost only 10 lira.
To pakdokter - a good museum is one that classifies its exhibits in a certain simple organisational order with good descriptions to what is being exhibited. To this pakdokter would give this museum a distinction. The earlier artifacts exhibit early Islamic materials dug from Anatolia, upper WEuphrates and Tigris in current day Iraq, Iran and the Caucasian stated. Items t the Seljuks, Mamelukes, Ottomans were in sequential halls. Old Korans, carpets etc were well organised and documented. And their descriptions were in Turkish and English.
Seljuk soldiers?
old carpets - some retrieved from tombs

door to an old mosque

a series of lamps
topmost Seljuk, middle Mamelukes and bottom Ottoman

a series of Korans and illustrations
the bottom-most from the Saffavids ( Iran)

the carpets had collections from Anatolia, Caucasus and Persia

some jewellery sets

the above series from the Museum of Ethnography

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