Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Underground Cistern Basilica

the above basque is of a lady who contributed much
to women's development in Turkey
it is found in the small park near the Underground Cistern
From the Mado Cafe, we walked to the Underground Cistern Basilica situated just to the side of the Haga Sofia. This site is also not on the usual tourist itinerary and we decided to visit it as we had not gone there during our previous visits to Istanbul.
Constantinople had many underground cisterns supplying water to the city and this one is well preserved.

2 of the pillars at the back of the cistern had these 2 medusa heads
no one knew how they got there and
why there were in that positions

the story of the Medusa
Dervish Meditational Music was played when we were there
the tourist brochure reports that at other times they
played Bach and other classical music in the cister.

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